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What is Pa-iwi System?

Pa-iwi System is a partnership built on trust. It involves the agri-preneur as the capitalist and a farmer who is in charge of feeding and raising the cattle. Any increase in the the monetary value of the entrusted cow would be equally divided in half between the agri-preneur and the farmer. The Pa-iwi system is mostly used in rural communities, which makes Umingan, Pangasinan a perfect location for this concept.

What is the difference between Traditional Pa-iwi System and the DV Boer Pa-iwi System?

El Rancho Delos Ben uses the DV Boer Pa-iwi System.

While Traditional Pai-iwi or “Paalaga” system is a partnership between the owner and a caretaker, it does not involve a contract. DV Boer Pa-iwi System on the other hand, is bound by a contract and is more sustainable and profitable, making both parties and the community benefit from it. The farmers who work at El Rancho Delos Ben are consistently trained on the farm to make sure that the cattle are healthy and are always in good condition. Security wise, the cattle are also insured.

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