We all know squash to be super in a lot of things, including vitamin A, but there are other interesting facts about it that you probably don’t know. Here are five of them.


Squash is a fruit.

Like tomato, squash is often mistaken as a vegetable. It’s actually a fruit! Fruits bear plant seeds, which technically, squash does.


Squash can come in a variety of colors.

When we think of squash, we think of the color orange, but did you know that it actually comes in a variety of colors? Aside from the striped kind, squash can also be white, yellow, red, or green.


Squash helps prevent heart disease.

Squash seeds are packed with healthy cholesterol and phytosterols - antioxidants that promote heart health.


Squash can help you fight off cancer.

Squash in rich in a carotenoid and phytonutrient called beta carotene, which not only helps strengthen immunity but is also important in preventing free radicals that cause cancer and a host of other illnesses.


All squash parts can be made into food.

Did you know that you can make food out of an entire squash? This includes tendrils, flowers, shoots, leaves, stems, seeds, and the fruit pulp. In fact, in El Rancho Delos Ben, we use squash to make noodles! We call our squash or kalabasa noodles Noodah Squash. You can check out our Facebook page to know more about these nutritiously yummy noodles.