At El Rancho Delos Ben, every step we undertake has always been guided by the philosophy of uplifting the state of agriculture and its supporters in the Philippines. September has brought us even closer to that goal.

Here are some highlights in September:


  • Acquisition of new silage chopper

On September 5, a new chopping unit for silage arrived on our doorstep.


  • Natural Pig Farming seminar with ATI

El Rancho Delos Ben goes to Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija to learn about natural pig farming (with emphasis on “babuyang walang amoy”) for a seminar led by Dr. Doy Nakpil of Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).



  • ATI accreditation

On September 21, we were officially accredited by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) as a learning site. As an ATI learning center, people of all ages and lifestyles who share the same passion for agriculture can now take part in on-site seminars at El Rancho Delos Ben to enrich their knowledge of farming – an excellent way to connect people to farming and help bring back the passion for agriculture. 



  • Farm visits

Soldiers - September 5

PO1 Aljon Dela Cruz, P02 Ferdinand Buen, PO1 Rammel Briones, and PO1 Romeo Sabado



Paiwi partners – September 6

Paiwi partners Mr. Aguilar, Mr. Estrada, Mr. Dela Torre, and Mr. Ballado paid us a visit.


DV Boer horticulture expert  - September 10

Ms. Virginia Cedo, resident horticulturist from DV Boer Farm, visits El Rancho Delos Ben.



DENR Regional Office – September 11

Ms. Riola Magna and Mr. Jing Velasco from the DENR Regional Office paid us a visit.



DV Boer veterinary visit and audit – September 13

Dv Boer Farm's Resident Veterinarian and Executive Consultant Dr. Rey Bello arrived in El Rancho to audit and impart farming knowledge.


JM’s Barnyard – September 23

Our friends from JM’s Barnyard – a DV Boer subfarm in Pagbilao, Quezon  - Mr. Jayson Sayat, Mr. Fermin Sayat, and Ms. Mariefe Sayat – visited us.



There are many more exciting developments to come. September is just the start. We are thrilled to be venturing out into more beginnings with you, ka-agri.