There is growing interest in hydroponics. But what exactly is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is Latin for “working water”. This organic gardening technique simply means growing plants using only water (that is, without soil). Instead of soil, you will be using a nutrient solution.

Hydroponics is an easier - albeit more expensive – way of growing vegetable and fruits. There are several advantages to this technique.

  • You can do hydroponics anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. There’s no need to bother with soil garden setups. It’s also easier to grow and harvest plants using this technique than to do so with soil-based gardening.
  • Water-efficient. Contrary to common belief, hydroponics actually saves 19 times more water than soil-based gardens. Water can also be reused, which conserves more water and incurs less expense.
  • Better results. Nutrient solutions are rich ground for blooms and fruits. You don’t need pesticides and fertilizers to grow plants. They also grow twice as fast.
  • Less space requirement. Compared to soil-based gardening, hydroponics uses 20 percent less space to grow plants.
  • Less labor and upkeep.
  • Season-independent. You can grow seeds and crops whatever the season is.
  • More nutritious yield. Some studies also prove that plants grown through hydroponics are 50 percent richer in vitamins than those grown using soil-based gardens.

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